We are one of the few larger companies that still maintain the title of family owned and operated. We have not been sold, bought, aquired, merged, adjusted, outsourced, etc. Everyone that is part of Morrell Targets lives in the same county. Seven family members have worked for Morrell and 5 members still do. Our key employees have been with us from the beginning. We believe in our products because it reflects who we are. We believe a smaller business can bring unparalleled customer service and unbeatable quality products to our dealers. We believe America was founded on small companies like ours and we want to keep this way of life going for generations to come.

Dale Morrell | Owner

 Dale Morrell, originated a bag target design in his garage working day to day as a brick mason in the mid 80’s. His goals were to build something he needed as an archer that had easy arrow removal and durability. The objective was to build great products and have even greater customer support. This was the foundation set to Morrell® Targets and what we believe to be the core of our success. Great products and great customer support.


B3 Archery – American Made

B3 Archery is an all American made company who is supporting Archers USA by providing hand-crafted mechancial releases. We are proud to have them a part of the team to help maintain the legacy of Archery.



Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the National Archery Association, known today as USA Archery, was formed in 1879 to foster and promote the sport of archery.


USA Archery is excited to offer Varsity Archery Program athletes a one-year free membership. The USA Archery Trial Youth Membership allows current participants of the Varsity Archery Program to become USA Archery members free for 12 months and participate in USA Archery programs and events. We ask that you please share this information with your archers as they look to continue archery outside of school.




Four elk hunters with a goal of ensuring the future of North America’s grandest game animal and the habitat it needed to thrive founded the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in 1984.


RMEF set up shop in a doublewide trailer in a vacant field just outside tiny Troy, Montana. The four founders—a pastor, realtor, logger and drive-in owner—pinched their pennies, borrowed funds and drained bank accounts to create an organization to benefit elk and other wildlife by putting money to work on the ground. The team mailed 43,000 brochures soliciting members, promising a magazine subscription about elk and elk hunting, as well as an annual convention. Only 233 people, or less than one half of one percent of those targeted, responded. Still, RMEF felt a duty to carry out its commitments so it borrowed additional funds and printed 32,000 copies of the premier issue of Bugle magazine. Staff mailed out the issues and hand-delivered others to grocery stores and gas stations across the West. But by the end of 1984, membership grew to nearly 2,500.


2019 - 2021

Archery Trade Association


The Archery Trade Association is the organization for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, sales representatives and others working in the archery and bowhunting industry. The ATA has served its members since 1953. We work to increase the recruitment and retention of new, current and once-active archers and bowhunters. 


  • Access the members-only ATA Trade Show
  • Score new customers from our store locators
  • Exclusive education offerings and individualized support from ATA Staff
  • Special savings and assistance from MyATA Service Providers