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A Letter from the President


I’m writing you to give you a quick update on the exciting progress of Varsity Archery via Archers USA Foundation. Since our last release, Varsity Archery has grown greatly. Varsity Archery is the next step in archery education through high schools and other organizations. Varsity Archery bridges the gap between the entry-level archery student and the life-long advanced archer and bowhunter.

 Varsity Archery is in the midst of 2 phases.

  • Our first phase of Archers USA Foundation was piloting 10 schools in 5 or more states with equipment throughout the U.S. This phase has been a great success with almost 100 schools active in North Dakota, Oklahoma, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Nevada, and Missouri. We are thankful to have visionaries of the archery industry such as Archery Trade Association, Bass Pro and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, Easton Foundation, Morrell Targets, and RMEF onboard partnering and sponsoring high schools through the Archers USA Foundation(501c3).
  • Our second phase of Archers USA Foundation is to expand by piloting 10 high schools in 10 states. We also plan to expand existing state programs. Through a partnership with the Archery Trade Association, combined with the continued support from Bass Pro and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, The Easton Foundation, and Morrell Targets, we are well on our way to achieving this goal. Currently, we have funding for 5 states: Kansas, Montana, North Carolina, Alabama, and Texas. We also have a waiting list of other states wanting to start Varsity Archery.

 Our goal is to grow the sport of archery and our vision is to see Varsity Archery as a letter sport in every high school across the U.S.! 

We need your help! Become a Partner today and join the movement of preserving the legacy of archery!

Timmy Thomas

Timmy Thomas, President

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