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Our Mission & Approach

The ultimate goal is the conservation of archery via educating archers on how to use advanced archery equipment to a point where they would become comfortable with how to use that equipment, which in turn, will compel them to invest in their own equipment which supports communities, to invest in their own licenses, which supports states, and to invest in archery tournaments, which support clubs throughout the world. The end result is archery conservation.


Currently, Archers USA Foundation has implemented a pilot program with North Dakota, Oklahoma, Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Just recently adding on the states of Kansas and Montana. With ten schools in each state (with the exception of Oklahoma sporting 59 schools) we are equipping with advanced archery equipment from Archers USA to help in the training process. By the end of the school year (where applicable), archers will have learned how to shoot a bow, receive their state’s hunter ed card, and be able to go on a mentored hunt. 

If you’re interested in getting Varsity Archery in your state, please feel free to reach out to us. Our partners have generously provided funding for schools in your state to implement advanced archery into their program.

Our Partners