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Equipment Grant for schools, organizations, and clubs.

All current introductory archery programs only instruct students in barebow archery leaving a huge gap between these intro archery programs and the equipment archers need to know how to use to become successful bowhunters and target archers.

Varsity Archery is designed to bridge the gap between introductory archery programs and other archery disciplines such as bow hunting, and many types of target archery. This is accomplished by teaching new skills, learning to use sights, rests, releases, and peep sights directly contribute to the success of these archers.

Archers USA Foundation is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, created to help facilitate the burden of advanced archery equipment for the school system. 



Advanced Archery Equipment 

Thanks to donations, we’re able to grant advanced archery equipment to schools and non-profit organizations.

Each 10 Gen X Bow Kit includes: 

  • 10 Gen X Bows
  • 10 Peep Sights (Pre-installed)
  • 10 D-Loops (Pre-installed)
  • 10 Poundage Gauge Sets (Pre-installed)
  • 10 B3 Mechanical Releases
  • 10 Bow Sights
  • 10 Stabilizers
  • 10 Arrow Rests
  • 2 Training Tools (RH/LH)
  • 250 Membership Cards
  • 1 Hand Gauge
  • 2 Pocket Catalogs